"I'm done being dismissed by my doctor and being told that it's all in my head!"
"I’ve spent a small fortune on supplements and haven’t seen any results."
"I’ve tried everything I could think of. I’m starting to feel like there’s nothing I can do."

It can be hard to resist those feelings of powerlessness and defeat.

Having been diagnosed with two autoimmune diseases, believe me:

I. Get. It.

This is literally how it would go down:

Me proactively preparing for visits with practitioners who’d end up being unprepared or mentally checked-out.


Resorting to Googling everything myself only to get freaked out and overwhelmed.


Repeat step 1.


Seriously contemplating saying “screw it” and throwing in the towel.


Ugh... Am I right?

hey friend.

I know you’re here because something inside you says there has to be a better way...

Trust me. There is.

1-1 Functional Nutrition Consultation

If you’re ready for a wellness deep-dive, complete a free application to work with Britt one-on-one. All applications are reviewed within about a week after which you’ll receive clear next steps.

If we’re a good fit to work together you’ll receive detailed information on my available appointment types and packages.

Young African-American woman grocery shopping

Fuel Your Health Pantry & Meal Planning​

Learn (or get a refresher) on practicing balanced and sustainable nutrition habits to keep you (and your family) satisfied and nourished using an intuitive eating lens.

Small Group Coaching 

Leverage the power of community in one of my evidence-based, root cause-focused small group programs.

Here’s something you should know: the symptoms that you’re struggling with are driven by chronic inflammation.

That’s why my focus is on helping clients uncover and address the root causes of inflammation. I use targeted nutrition and lifestyle modifications to help bring the body back into balance.

This isn’t another one-size-fits-all, cookie-cutter, or band-aid approach.

When you work with me, I take the time to get to know YOU.

I bring an expert eye to your case leveraging advanced training in functional nutrition and utilizing detailed intake forms, in-depth nutrition analysis, and cutting-edge laboratory testing to help my clients achieve their wellness goals.

If you are bold enough to ask for MORE from your health, take the next step.


Schedule a 60 minute ASK ME ANYTHING appointment and leverage my advanced knowledge of nutrition and functional medicine. This is for licensed healthcare professionals who would like to gain valuable insights and tips on their current case(s).

Learn more and book your appointment here.


I work exclusively with adult clients via webcam.

Clients who are a good fit to work with me:

  • Would like to work with a nutritionist via webcam
  • Are ready to put their health first
  • Are motivated to making changes in their diet and lifestyle habits
  • Are ready to work with an expert on their health and follow the direction they receive
  • Are prepared to make a significant financial investment in their health

If you are considering working with me, start by completing an Application.

I will review your application and contact you about the next step.

Yes, you will work one-on-one with Britt during your program.

Our regular business hours are M-F 8a-5p ET. Appointment availability may be different than these hours depending on your Lead Nutritionist.

We meet with clients exclusively via webcam. This allows us to offer high quality coaching to all clients across the US.

As a cash-based practice we do not accept insurance plans. However, some clients choose to use their HSA or FSA funds towards qualifying medical expenses. Many health plan administrators consider working with a nutritionist for diagnosed conditions and the purchase of lab work and supplements for diagnosed conditions to be qualified medical expenses under IRS guidelines. All clients should contact their health insurance provider to determine if they qualify and learn more about eligibility requirements.

Costs of working one-on-one with my team vary depending on which program is determined to best suit your needs. Every client is completely unique and the program option that we recommend will be designed to support best possible outcomes in regards to your health goals. If you are not comfortable making a significant financial investment in your health at this time, we might not be the right fit for each other. Program fees start at $2,825, though they could be significantly higher. Payment plans are available.

Please note that there may be additional expenses not included in the cost of working together one-on-one such as laboratory tests, nutritional supplements, and more. See the FAQ “Are there costs outside of the consulting that I should be aware of?”

Get started by completing this Application.

The program fee includes our time together working one-on-one. What is not included in the program:

  • Supplements, vitamins, botanicals, or other nutrient therapy that clients choose to purchase.
  • Food, cooking utensils or equipment, cookbooks, or other nutrition educational material, or any other voluntary costs that may be incurred from our suggestions. 
  • Laboratory test costs.
  • Fees from services provided outside of working one-on-one with our team such as primary care physician, emergency, or specialist care.
  • Fees from services suggested by your Lead Nutritionist but performed by outside providers such as but not limited to: acupuncture, massage, professional counseling, personal training, and gym memberships.

Laboratory tests can be very helpful in tailoring your custom recommendations. We frequently leverage tests that look at advanced markers from blood, saliva, urine or stool. Every effort will be made to make you fully aware of any additional lab fees that may be incurred and we always give our clients the opportunity to choose which lab tests they feel they can afford. That being said, if you are uncomfortable spending $500 +/- $250 on laboratory testing then our services may not be a good fit for you.

Many health plan administrators consider working with a nutritionist for diagnosed conditions and the purchase of lab work for diagnosed conditions to be qualified medical expenses under IRS guidelines. All clients should contact their health insurance provider to determine if they qualify and learn more about eligibility requirements.

High-quality, professional-grade nutritional supplements can be an important tool that is used to help support the health of our clients. We partner with Fullscript to offer safe and affordable access to products that we love and trust. Clients should budget to spend anywhere between $100-300 per month on nutritional supplements while we’re working together.

If you live internationally you may complete the New Client Application so that we can get to know you and explore what further collaboration can look like. In general, clients who live in the US get the best results because they will have access to the laboratory testing and supplements that we may recommend. Please note that all calls will be conducted in English and no interpretation services are available at this time.

If you are a healthcare professional who would like to “pick Britt’s brain” and leverage her advanced knowledge of nutrition and functional medicine you may schedule a 60 MIN ASK ME ANYTHING | FOR PROFESSIONALS ONLY appointment HERE.